Who we are


Molto Bene def. Very Good, Very Well

Molto Bene is a collective of fabulous big business defectors, organisational growth tragics, fearless leaders, strategic thinkers, gun project managers, successful entrepreneurs, creative minds and corporate storytellers, all curated by our Practice Lead - Serena Varendorff.

We don’t want day jobs!  We are proud portfolio professionals who know that our skills are best used to roll up our sleeves and pursue remarkable business outcomes for a variety of organisations. We are that extra set of experienced and responsible hands that deliver you true flexibility - allowing you to cost effectively tackle problems and roadblocks, take maximum advantage of presented opportunities and fuel your business growth. 

Our team is made up of some of Australia’s most high energy and high efficacy leaders and specialists who are passionate about sharing what they know.  We will be completely honest with you and get you to think very clearly for yourself, uncover what sort of future you want for your business and help you design and deliver on a pathway to make that happen.

All assignments are handled with enormous discretion.

Meet some of the Collective here