What We Do


Team Development and Contracted Expertise

Let the team at Molto Bene take some of the pain away so you can concentrate on the stuff that makes you amazing at what you do – the stuff that makes your concept or business a Category of One.  Our collective includes very strong specialists and leadership gurus who love what they do and can bring specialist skills into your business for as long as you need.  We can step in for just a few hours to deliver a sanity check or provide executive decision support to help you wrestle with a curly business problem or presented opportunity.  Your business can engage one of our guys as a specialist advisor, outsourced functional specialist, facilitator, project manager, event professional or a contract CEO, COO or CFO to energise and drive your business forward.  We can step in as part of your team and guide you as a leader with a goal of making ourselves redundant or alternatively become a cost effective, taxation friendly member of your team for as long as you need our help.

Project Management

Even the best laid plans can’t run on their own. We offer careful management by professionals to keep everything on track and manage inevitable creepy bumps in the road. Our team have decades of experience to deliver within budget and on time. We build robust and powerful processes from the ground up to suit your needs and that can accelerate or slow as you need them to – a truly flexible model.

Marketing and Communications Strategy Development

We join the dots for you between your overall business goals and your current and potential clients, investors, employees and other key audiences.

We help you identify your brand essence – the central idea that drives everything you say and do.  We help firms understand what makes them extraordinary and how they can use this to transcend commodity and defy comparison. 

Molto Bene will help you define who you are, what your promise is to the marketplace and how you can best keep that promise to current and potential clients and other stakeholders.

A strong brand is what will make you a Category of One company.  Your brand is everything and our job is to capture and harness the power of your unique brand so you can be the first choice for your audiences and keep your word to them

Brand Definition

We unearth your brand story and work with you to create content with pulse and personality that achieves the Holy Grail of storytelling – CONNECTION. Humans are hard-wired to absorb information readily through storytelling (Snow White and 7 pals are a great example) and understand and trust information delivered this way.  The Molto Bene team use their experience in the craft, creation and science of corporate storytelling to help your organization tell and live authentic stories that tell audiences who you are and why they need to get close to you.

Corporate Storytelling and Content Management

Molto Bene is a collection of really smart people who have some great insights and experience in the area of fast tracking your strategic progression.  We can share our first hand knowledge of leadership, business stability, business growth, marketing and communications with you and your teams so you can build your business, tackle a pesky business roadblock or capture and harness the potential of opportunities. We are old hands at delivering transformational brand exploration and alignment workshops (custom or group sessions), conducting brand concept sanity check thinktanks or even coaching or mentoring individuals to build their skills.  We can craft a solution just for you!

Executive Development and Workshops

Our team has a pile of collective lifetimes of designing, building and growing strong and powerful businesses, dedicated to achieving wonderful outcomes for them and the organisations they work for.  We can begin the journey by assessing business or project potential with feasibility studies, we can conduct market prospecting and research, or we can even just work with start ups to help them figure out how to find the switch to turn on the lights of a great idea and bring it to life.  We coach business development teams on how to build sales pipelines and have important conversations with clients or prospects. We design pathways for closing deals and can blueprint, design or finetune pitches. We can take on a project management role to drive team success for tenders, bids and proposals or alternatively take full responsibility for writing the end-to-end content.

Business Development Strategy and Execution

Our job is to work with you to maximize the potential of event and destination opportunities as both direct revenue products and as important brand awareness and communication tools.  The Molto Bene collective has buckets of experience across travel, tourism, events and leisure and is adept in managing regulatory and funding relationships with government bodies and preparing bid and tender documentation.  We deliver destination and event marketing strategy and operations including event logistics, scheduling and risk mitigation. We also conduct national and international representation on behalf of clients as required.

Destination and Event Marketing and Management

Molto Bene has a wealth of experience in the design and delivery of impactful and important solutions for initiatives, businesses and governmental bodies looking to achieve social impact. Our team can help you partner for purpose.  We deliver strategic thinking, transformation and sustained action  - whether for a social enterprise, charity, NFP or even a CSR function within a corporate entity.

Social Impact Work